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Cinematography Reel 2017


Rachel Bardin is a cinematographer and director. Florida raised, Texas trained and Los Angeles based, she found her way into filmmaking through photography, surfing and writing.

Recently, she directed and lensed a profile about farming adaptations to climate change for the Atlantic’s Re:think studio. She also served as director of photography for Nancy Schiesari’s Citizens At Last feature documentary which premiered on PBS in March 2021

Rachel approaches filmmaking with genuine curiosity. She seeks understanding and connection with complex subjects through an inquisitive mind and an insightful eye. Her films have been awarded the Special Jury Prize at IFFBoston and Best Short Documentary at Flyway Film Festival, and they have screened at the Austin Film Festival, the American Society of Cinematographers, Marfa Film Festival, the American Conservation Film Festival and the PBS Online Film Festival.

Her fashion sense includes a very embarrasing snowsuit to film in below freezing temperatures, outrageous amounts of zinc and a pair of flippers for filming surfing, and the tragically unhip but back-saving easyrig for doing handheld with cameras that probably weren’t meant for that. From iPhones to Alexas, Rachel enjoys selecting the right tools for the story.

Rachel Bardin by Kelly Conway
photo by Kelly Conway

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